I am a real estate investor and realtor. My objective is to share the discovery of a real estate investing educational platform that is the no# 1 out there in the US in my opinion. This education offers so much information, in every facid of RE investing. Personally I feel this should be a requirement for every real estate agent or anyone thinking of investing in real estate.


What I see happening out there is atrocious. Speakers coming in selling their hype on all that can be made in REI with out any education. I speak too and learn of people that have spent thousands up to 60-100k from their savings as a last chance to change their lives or create a retirement to motivational sales pitch, hype of this get rich quick in real estate investing and how easy it is to make money in real estate only to have left town the next day or not reachable. Please, how would you teach wrestling on a phone. Well you definitely can not do it with real estate investing either.


Look, money is friend or enemy, can hurt you or help you, work for you or against you...one thing for sure is you can lose as much as you can make. If you do not have the right education and knowledge your chances of success are limited. It all has to be a balance, your financial house in order,  REI education teaching you every corner and and actually doing real estate investing. You really can not have one with out the other.


I strongly believe if we had had the knowledge that we know in this education, you would have never seen so many that lost their homes or business in 2007-2008. They did not need too. If you are ready to spend up to 100k....please look at what kind of education , support and community you will be surrounded by with.